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Choosing a Decorating Style

Choosing a Decorating Style - Before buying furniture and choose the colors of the walls, you need to know what decorating style you want for your home. This garantizarás so that all the elements combine in harmony and the end result is that magazine. Before you start decorating your house, the following article at arcticahome.com we show how to choose a decorating style.


     The first thing to do is inform. Purchase decor magazines, check what they have in common finishes that you like, write down the characteristics of spaces you like and vinc├║lalas to a particular style.

     Make a list of your favorite things, analyze what you like for your home and if they resemble each other or otherwise are poles apart. In each fitting, color or furniture you place on the list, imagine it in your home with the other supplements and ask yourself how you feel about that image. Then you can withdraw from a decorating style or find the ideal just listen.

     If the above step do not work, write down the things you do not like to buy when you know exactly what things you should not consider. Knowing what you do not like will help you know what you do like and determine, for example, what colors you want your walls to look or what fabric you want to make your furniture.

     Know what are the characteristics of decorating styles. If you like linear, clean and sober finishes maybe your style is minimalist, if you like to combine many embellishments, colors and antique retro elements you like, if you like elegant home furniture you like contemporary style.

     If you can not decide on a style of decoration you can combine two styles. Ideally both decorating styles are similar, so you can choose the ones you like from each and merge them into a unique finish to your home.

     Today things are easier and today there are digital applications that offer virtually decorate a space with a gallery of images. The home shopping catalogs for you to do your virtual combinations, decide, and then discards go to the store to make your purchase are also available. Both the application and catalogs with good tools to define what you like and build your decorating style.

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