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How to paint tiles

How to paint tiles - Below we show to paint tiles but mostly not suitable for floor tiles and countertops. In this article only three steps you will achieve the goal of changing the colors of the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. To paint tiles are specialized paints because they are very resistant to stains and moisture. See the following article arcticahome.com, how to paint tiles.


     To start clean and degrease the surface to be painted with soap and water. It is also important that the joints are clean, for it is likely to have to travel to a brush. It is important that you do not reuse products silicone or wax. Once finished dry with a clean cloth.

     Then apply a thin layer of enamel roll tile bathrooms and kitchens. If you have to cover intense colors is advisable to apply a second coat.

     Whitening boards painted with a white marker to specialized function is
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